Summer Safety Tips for Your Pets

People aren’t the only ones affected by the hot summer sun. The heat can affect your beloved pets as well. It is important that you learn some safety tips so your pets are safe over the summer. Some tips require that you get some items from a discount pet supply store, while others just require a few adjustments at home.

Be Mindful of Parasites

According to the AKC, fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are a bigger nuisance in the warm months than they are during the other seasons. Because of that, you need to make sure you stay on top of your flea, tick, and heartworm prevention and medications.

You can get preventitive medication from a discount pet supply store.

Don’t Let Your Pets Get Burned

Prevention magazine states that skin cancer is the second most common cancer in cats, and the most common in dogs. Owners need to apply sunscreen every 3 to 4 hours on pets that are outdoors. You don’t have to put it all over the animals. Just put it on the areas that don’t have a lot of hair. Make sure that the sunscreen is made for pets.

Prevent Dehydration

It is essential that your pets take in enough fluid during the hot months. Give your pets unrestricted access to cold water. If you are still concerned that they might not be drinking enough, consider using canned pet food during the summer months. Canned cat and dog food provides your pets with additional fluids. You can find premium canned pet food from the same retailers that sell natural dry dog food. Stock up on this pet food so you will have it on hand as needed.

Get Pet Toys for Dogs and Cats in Chandler

Consider getting some pet toys for dogs and cats that they can play with quietly in your yard in Chandler. If you need to find some pet toys for dogs and cats, check out an online discount pet supply store in Chandler. They will have all of the pet toys for dogs and cats you will need to fill the long summer days.

When the summer rolls around, every decision you make is important. From choosing the right dog food to the right pet toys, you can ensure your pets are safe this summer by making some wise decisions.

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Top Cat Toys

If you are shopping for cat toys in Phoenix, you might be overwhelmed by your options. Each pet supply company in Phoenix carries a huge selection of cat toys. Then, to top it off, you can find cat toys at the various online pet stores that carry natural pet products. You can make the decision much easier by learning about the most popular cat toys on the market. Then, you won’t have any trouble selecting a toy that your cat will love.

Laser Cat Toys

Laser toys are possibly the best cat toys available. These toys shoot a laser beam that is visible for up to a mile. Your cat will chase the beam all around your house or yard, providing them with physical and mental stimulation. It does not matter how young or old your cat is. They will love it if you order a laser pointer from a pet supply company in Phoenix.

Kong Toys

If you have every looked around a pet supply company in Phoenix, you have probably come across a lot of Kong toys. There is a good chance you think Kong toys are just for dogs, though. That is not the case. You can find Kong cat toys in Phoenix as well. You can even get these pet supplies with free shipping if you order online. Like Kong toys for dogs, these cat toys provide hours of interactive play. Be sure to get a variety of Kong toys so your cat won’t ever get bored.

Balls with Bells

Cat toys that roll around and make noise are always popular with felines, which is why the bell and ball combo is such a hit. They don’t require any instructions. Just order them from a pet supply company in Phoenix, open them up, and place them on the floor. Your cat will have hours of fun as he pushes the ball around. Be sure to save some money by ordering these pet supplies with free shipping.

With pet supplies with free shipping, our pet supply company in Phoenix is an excellent choice for cat toys. You can pick up some additional natural pet products as well, ensuring that all of your furry friends are healthy and happy. That way, you can enjoy your time with your pet family.

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How to Choose the Right Pet Door

Once you purchase a dog door from a pet supply company in Phoenix, your dog can go in and out on his own. Not any dog door will do, though. You need to do some research before you purchase a pet door in Phoenix. That way, you will be certain to get the right door for your needs. If you do some good research, you might even be able to add in some addition natural pet products and pet supplies with free shipping. That will help you get more bang for your buck.


Before you go shopping for a pet door in Phoenix, you need to know the size you need. Measure your pet’s height and width. Add two inches to the height and two inches to the width. Use those measurements when shopping at a pet supply company in Phoenix.

Choose the Type of Pet Door

Once you know the size of the pet door you need, it is time to look at the type. You can find door, wall, and screen dog doors at various pet supply stores. Wall dog doors are an excellent option for people who plan on living in their homes for the rest of their lives. This is permanent pet door, so you will not have to worry about replacing it if you change doors.

On the other hand, if you want something that can be taken down, put a dog door inside of your door or screen. You can easily switch out the door or screen if you choose to sell the house.

Think About Outside Guests

Whenever you purchase a pet door from a pet supply company in Phoenix, you need to think about the door’s insulation. Otherwise, some uninvited houseguests might sneak through the door. Weather-stripping, magnets and other features keep the door shut tight when it is not in use. Keep that in mind when looking for a pet door and other pet supplies with free shipping in Phoenix.

You can find dog doors from companies that sell natural pet products. You can combine them with other natural pet products and pet supplies with free shipping, or just buy the dog door on your own. Regardless of what you choose, your life will get much easier once you get a dog door.

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Common Misconceptions About Pet Grooming

You probably spend a lot of time researching and shopping for natural pet food in Chandler. You might even put the same thought and effort into looking for various pet products in Chandler. However, when it comes to dog grooming, there is a good chance you don’t give it much thought. You can get your dog’s hair done by any groomer, right? Dog grooming is just as important as choosing the right pet products in Chandler so it’s essential that you clear up the misconceptions so you can get more out of the grooming experience.

Myth – Any Shampoo Will Do

Some people make the mistake of using human shampoo on their dogs. Just as you take the time to shop for online pet food instead of human food for your pets, you need to take the time to get pet shampoo instead of human shampoo. Human shampoo can throw off your pet’s pH balance, which can have lasting negative effects.

Myth – You Have to Take the Dog to the Groomer

We live in a world where we are used to things coming to us. For instance, we order online pet food so we don’t have to go inside of a store that sells natural pet food in Chandler. We can also hire a mobile dog grooming service so we don’t have to go to the groomer. If you don’t feel like traveling to the groomer, you will find a variety of mobile dog grooming services at your disposal.

Myth – Food Doesn’t Impact Grooming

The food you feed your dog impacts their skin and coat, which can impact how they look and feel after a grooming session. With that in mind, consider picking up some natural pet food in Chandler aimed at healthy skin and coat. You can also find online pet food that is natural and good for your pet’s skin and coat. You will be amazed by how much better your dog looks and feels if you get the right food.

Now that these myths are cleared up, you are just as informed about dog grooming as you are about the various pet products in Chandler. Keep this information in mind when hiring a mobile dog grooming service, or when dropping your dog off at a grooming facility. The more informed you are, the better the results will be.

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Common Misconceptions About Pet Photography

Plenty of people have taken amazing pet portraits in Phoenix. But if you’ve ever thought it’s too hard to get the perfect shot, you’re not alone. It can seem challenging to organize your pet and keep them still. Here are common myths which we’ve de-mystified for you.

Myth – You Need to Go Offsite to Get the Best Pictures

A lot of pet owners want to take photographs of their pets around town, even though it’s much easier to take them at home. Pets are a lot more comfortable in their home environments so the session goes more smoothly. Hire a pet supply company in Phoenix to deliver a few new toys and go into your own backyard for natural and fun shots.

Myth – Pet Photo Sessions are Quick

Just like with humans, you’ve got to get everyone in a good mood, acting naturally, and ready for the camera. Expect to spend at least an hour when you take pet portraits in Phoenix. Some places take even longer, but if you go with a reputable pet supply company in Phoenix, they can be in and out in an hour.

Myth – My Pet Won’t Sit Still for a Photographer

When you go with an experienced pet supply company in Phoenix that offers pet portraits, you will have access to someone who is skilled in both photography and pet psychology. They will be able to get your pet to calm down and take a great picture.

Myth – Pet Toys and Supplies Aren’t Allowed

Don’t make the mistake of taking boring pictures of your pet. You can buy a variety of online pet supplies and pet toys to enhance the pictures. Not only will this make it more fun, but it will really bring out your pet’s personality. For instance, pet toys can show off the playful side of your pets. With that in mind, stock up on online pet supplies and pet toys before you contact a company to do your pet portraits in Phoenix.

Myth – It’s Just for Dogs

A portrait and pet supply company in Phoenix can also take portraits of your cats or other pets. Be sure to get some pet toys and online pet supplies for all of your pets to enhance the pictures.

Identifying common myths is the first step in getting the best pet photographs possible. Now you’re ready to hire a photographer so they can take some amazing pictures.

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How to Find The Best (And Safest) Discount Pet Supplies

You don’t have to sacrifice safety when you purchase discount pet toys for dogs and cats in Phoenix. You can find items at a discount pet supply store in Phoenix that are safe and affordable. In order for that to happen, though, you have to keep a few things in mind. If you can do that, you will find safe discount pet food and toys for your animals.

Shop Online

Online stores have a much larger inventory of dog food and supplies, making it much easier to find safe items that your pets will love. On top of that, online stores are more likely to offer discounted items. In fact, you can find a discount pet supply company in Phoenix that also offers free shipping, saving you even more money. With that in mind, stop going into the brick and mortar stores and use your computer to do your shopping. That is the easiest way to find affordable pet toys and food.

Choose an Online Company with a Showroom

When you order food and pet toys for dogs and cats, go with an online company that has a showroom in the Phoenix area. That way, you can stop by the discount pet supply company in Phoenix and check the products out firsthand. That will ensure that you get quality dog food and toys. It will also give you a chance to handle the various pet toys for dogs and cats at the Phoenix store, making it easy to make a decision.

Go with Names You Can Trust

Some discount pet supply companies sell off brand items. That’s why the items are so cheap. Others sell name brand items at discounts. Stick with the top brands so you know you are getting the best supplies for your pets. Top toy brands include Kong, Booda, and Ethical Products. Top pet food brands include Acana, Blue Buffalo, and Pro Pac. This is just a small sampling of the top toy and pet food choices. You can find more options at a trusted discount pet supply company in Phoenix.

Whether you are buying dog food, cat toys, or a little bit of everything, you need a discount pet supply company you can trust. Then, you will be able to get all of the pet food and toys you need without going over your budget.

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How to Find the Right Groomer for Your Pet

Grooming makes your dog look and feel better. In fact, dogs that are groomed regularly have healthier coats that those who aren’t. Regular grooming appointments also cut down on shedding. Whether you regularly buy natural pet food in Chandler or you’re a loving dog owner who focuses on healthy pet products in Tempe, you know that all dog groomers are not the same.

Mobile Dog Grooming or a Nearby Doggie Salon?

Start by determining the type of facility you prefer. If you don’t have a local dog groomer, consider going with a mobile dog grooming service. A mobile dog grooming service will come to you, making the grooming process much easier for your pet. Dogs won’t feel as stressed when they are within their comfort zone.

See How Your Dog Reacts to the Groomer

Watch how your dog and the groomer interact. Keep in mind that it’s normal for your dog to feel nervous around the groomer the first time, but if that persists, consider a new groomer. Your dog will eventually find a groomer he or she bonds with, which will make the process much more pleasant.

Make Sure the Groomer Knows About Dogs

Choose a groomer that really knows everything about dogs, even things like the healthiest online pet food for skin and coat to the best dog supplies. For example, the groomer should know that buying natural pet food in Chandler is an easy way to improve the health and shine of your dog’s coat. They should also know about other pet products that make your dog look and feel better.

While you don’t have to grill your dog groomer about everything related to dogs, ask some simple questions about online pet food and other pet products in Tempe. It will help you make the decision. Maybe you’ll learn where to buy the best natural pet food in Chandler.

Look at the Products the Groomer Uses

Choose a groomer that has a variety of natural, organic, and hypo allergenic grooming products. These products are typically found at stores that sell natural pet food in Chandler or pet supplies in Tempe.

A groomer may help you with everything, from making wise online pet food decisions to picking the perfect haircut for your furry friend. They might even give you some tips on finding the top pet products in Tempe or tell you about online pet food options you’ve never heard of.

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Benefits of Pet Grooming

A lot of people think that dog grooming serves one purpose: to make dogs look good. In reality, dog grooming is about so much more than looks. If you keep regular grooming appointments for your pets, they will enjoy lots of different benefits.

Dog Grooming Keeps Your Pet Healthy

Feeding your dog natural pet food that you purchase from a Chandler pet store is one step in keeping your dog healthy. Pet grooming is the next step. The mobile dog grooming professional will get down into your dog’s coat, feeling the skin. He will be able to feel any lumps, ticks, or injuries that you may have missed. Then you can get any issues addressed.

On top of that, the mobile dog grooming professional will cut hair around the ears, preventing it from growing into the ear canal. Failing to cut that hair can lead to ear infections. As you can see, you need more than healthy online pet food to keep your pet in good shape. While buying the right pet products in Chandler is important, getting your pet groomed is important as well.

Healthier and Shinier Coats

You probably already know that purchasing natural pet food in Chandler is one way to give your dog a healthy and shiny coat. What you may not realize is buying online pet food is just one step. Grooming stimulates the blood supply to the skin, which leads to a healthier coat and healthier skin. That means you need to schedule a grooming appointment the next time you shop for online pet food. Then, your dog can enjoy natural pet food and have a nice haircut, making him one of the best looking animals in Chandler.

Keep Pets Hygienic

Groomers trim hair around the feet and the perianal area, preventing dirt and bacteria from gathering in those areas. You can go a step further by purchasing some pet products from a Chandler pet supply company to keep those areas clean in between grooming appointments. You can find various products at an online pet food store that serves the Chandler area.

Hire a mobile dog grooming professional to come out to your home, and also continue to buy premium pet products such as natural pet food from a Chandler retailer. The combination of buying the best online dog food and scheduling regular grooming appointments will help your dog live a healthy life.

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Pet Toys That Will Make Your Pet Healthier

Most Mesa pet owners buy pet toys with fun in mind. While it’s important that your pets have fun playing with their toys, you should also think about their health. There are several pet toys that will help your pets stay healthy. You can find these pet supplies for cats and dogs in Mesa.

Mesa Pet Toys that Promote Physical Activity

Physical activity is important for all pets. Consider picking up some toys that promote activity from your local pet travel supply store. That way, you can take your items on the road with you so your pets can always get their activities in during the day. Cats get a lot of physical activity from laser pointers and balls. Dogs get physical activity from a wealth of toys. They run and chase after balls, work their muscles playing tug of war with ropes, and run around with stuffed animals. If you see a toy at a pet travel supply company that will engage your pet, it will promote physical activity.

Mental Stimulation

You also need to shop for toys that will stimulate your pet’s mind. You can find pet supplies for cats and dogs in Mesa that offer this type of stimulation. The majority of pet supplies for cats in Mesa typically stimulate the body and the mind, so you can get away with sticking with laser pointers, balls. For dogs, look at Kong toys. In addition, balls can be great for mental stimulation as long as you have the dog bring the ball back to a specific area. That way, he is working his mind and his body.

Toys that Dispense Healthy Food

You should also purchase Mesa pet toys that dispense food. Then, you can purchase healthy online pet food for the toys. The right online pet food makes pets’ skin and coats healthier and can help them live longer lives. Look for natural and organic online pet food when shopping so you can get the most benefits out of the food.

Gather your various pet supplies for cats and dogs in Mesa and then let your animals enjoy the benefits. From eating healthy online pet food to playing with heathy toys, your pets will thrive. Just be sure to buy your items from a pet travel supply store so you can bring everything with you when you hit the road. After all, you want your pets to be healthy all of the time, not just when you are at home in Mesa.

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How to Find Legitimate Pet Charities in Your Area

Choosing a pet charity can be a difficult decision. You want to select a charity that will put your money and supplies to good use, so it is essential that you make sure the charity is legitimate. Fortunately, this is easier than you might think. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you choose a legitimate pet charity.

Get a Recommendation from a Pet Supply Company in Phoenix

One of the best ways to find a legitimate pet charity is to get a recommendation from a local pet supply company in Phoenix. For example, look for a local company that sells online pet supplies and donates some of their profits to a Phoenix charity. Then, find out which charities they trust.

Make Sure the Charity Has Contact Information

Once you get a recommendation from a pet supply company in Phoenix, locate the charity’s contact information. Legitimate charities have contact information that works. Look for a website address, email address or phone number. Then, contact the charity. If the contact information does not work, move on to a different charity. If you cannot speak to someone, you should not give the charity money.

See if They Want More than Money

A lot of the top pet charities aren’t just looking for money. They are looking for pet toys, pet food, and other items they can use to help pets. This is an easy way to find out if a pet charity is just after your money or if it really wants to help pets. You can find out what pet toys, pet food, and other items a charity will accept by contacting them or visiting the website. You can also find out if you can send them online pet supplies or if you have to drop items off in person.

Start with a recommendation from a company that sells online pet supplies. Then, gather up the pet toys, pet food, or money you want to send the charity so you can help pets. When you team up with a legitimate pet charity, you can help animals live better lives. From helping them get the food they need to helping them find homes, there is no end to the good you can do when you help a charity.

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