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Almo Nature Feline - Rouge - Tuna & Sole

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Feline - Rouge - Tuna & Sole (blue) 1.94oz pouch$0.92
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Cats can be finicky eaters. This is because they follow their instinct in choosing what is best for their health and well-being. But also because they are naturally picky.""Rouge makes even the fussiest cats happy with three exclusive HQS natural recipes with an enriched nutritional profile containing jelly and fruit fibers to help cats eliminate hairballs.""Almo Nature pouches are a sustainable pet food"– Lower CO2 emissions compared to cans"– Less waste because they contain the correct serving for each meal"– Easier waste disposal of the empty pouch

Instructions For Use:
Cats belong to an order of strict carnivores that have the teeth of predators and a digestive system suited to absorb and make optimal use of proteins. In nature, the cat’s diet consisted of different prey (mice, birds, fish), a prevalent source of protein and fat (in addition to fiber and other nutrients found in the digestive tract of this prey).

A diet in tune with this carnivorous nature requires rotation: for an optimal nutritional balance, Almo Nature therefore recommends feeding cats all types of meat and fish, and both wet and dry foods to guarantee the intake of all the necessary nutrients are received.


tuna light meat, fish broth, lobster, natural flavor, taurine, dried parsley, Vit. E, Vit. A.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Moisture: 85%
Protein: 14%
Fat: .05%
Fiber: 1%
Calories Per Cup:

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